about me and this blog

I’m a seventeen-year-old American girl. I’ll be eighteen in April 2009, and I’ll graduate high school in June 2009. And then, in August, I’ll be headed to Bremen, Germany for college. This blog exists to chronicle my adventures as I prepare to cross the Atlantic, and then as I adjust to life in Germany, as well as any other traveling I do, because part of the allure of going to college in Germany is the opportunity to see other parts of Europe. 

I’ve never been to Germany, and I speak about ten words of German. I’ll be studying the language frantically between now and August, balancing that with a difficult courseload, a part-time job, and various other responsibilities. Jacobs University is going to be a completely new experience for me. Even the most mundane parts of life, like buying toothpaste, will be new and different and therefore exciting. This is going to be an adventure! 

I love words, both reading and writing them. Pictures, too, are important to me; I love to draw (not particularly well) and I’m an amateur photographer. I dream of seeing the world, and any opportunities I have to travel are very exciting to me. I am interested in foreign languages, history, politics, technology, and lots of other things. I love both big cities and the tranquility of nature. I adore public transportation. Politically, I’m tend to be quite liberal. I love my friends, family, and pets, and enjoy spending time with them, but I also definitely need time alone. Summer is my favorite season, and winter can’t pass quickly enough for me. I’m spontaneous and impulsive sometimes, and overthink at other times. 

I’m crossing the ocean this fall, and I’m excited, but I also have some reservations. Read about it all here.


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