plane tickets

23 04 2009

Tickets are bought, plans are made. It’s actually happening: I’m going to Europe. My parents and I are flying into London, staying six days, and then going to Bremen where they’ll leave me at college and go to Paris and then back to North Carolina. It’s hard to believe. 

I’m excited, though. I have a weird love of airports, and I’m excited to see new ones. I’ve been to London before, but for less than two days en route between Tamworth, England and Calahonda, Spain. I’ve seen some of the big sights, but, come on, it’s London. There’s so much more to see and experience! Except not Madame Tussauds. I was traumatized by a wax museum in Madrid. Never again. 

And then–Germany! I’ve been reading as much as possible about Jacobs and Bremen and Germany in general, as well as a book called First Time Europe, which, while not exactly applicable to me, does have some helpful things to say. I’ve been worrying about packing lists and passports and banks and practical things, but not enoughto lose sight of the awesomeness, of the impossible dream coming true. 

I’ve also been having dreams about spider solitaire, but that’s another story. I leave you with a quote from First Time Europe: “Saber una otra lengua es tener una otra alma.”




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3 05 2009

So my friend in Bremen just moved to Berlin! Can you believe it? Still, you’ll have to come down for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

30 07 2009

any updates? how’s the german progress?

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