plane tickets

23 04 2009

Tickets are bought, plans are made. It’s actually happening: I’m going to Europe. My parents and I are flying into London, staying six days, and then going to Bremen where they’ll leave me at college and go to Paris and then back to North Carolina. It’s hard to believe. 

I’m excited, though. I have a weird love of airports, and I’m excited to see new ones. I’ve been to London before, but for less than two days en route between Tamworth, England and Calahonda, Spain. I’ve seen some of the big sights, but, come on, it’s London. There’s so much more to see and experience! Except not Madame Tussauds. I was traumatized by a wax museum in Madrid. Never again. 

And then–Germany! I’ve been reading as much as possible about Jacobs and Bremen and Germany in general, as well as a book called First Time Europe, which, while not exactly applicable to me, does have some helpful things to say. I’ve been worrying about packing lists and passports and banks and practical things, but not enoughto lose sight of the awesomeness, of the impossible dream coming true. 

I’ve also been having dreams about spider solitaire, but that’s another story. I leave you with a quote from First Time Europe: “Saber una otra lengua es tener una otra alma.”



2 04 2009

I bought a flickr pro account today so I can upload more pictures because soon enough, I will have many interesting things of which to upload photos. But for now, go add me and comment on my pictures and validate my twenty-five dollars if you like.

suitcases and memories

2 04 2009

In August, I’m going to be packing up my life in a few suitcases. Possibly a box or two to ship as well (it depends on the luggage allowances on whatever airline I fly over on). My bedroom is full of stuff. Books. Clothes. DVDs. All kinds of random things. But I’m only going to be able to bring a tiny fraction of it with me. 

So what goes with me, and what stays shoved in my closet and under my bed at home, and what goes to Goodwill? What am I going to wish I’d taken with me? What am I going to wish I left behind? I can’t anticipate all of that, but it sure is a daunting task. I know I can’t bring more than a few books, and I’ll have to get rid of a lot of my clothes, too.  I’ll be able to put my DVDs in a smaller case so that won’t be a problem. And this is just the practical side of it all. I mean, if I have to leave the red jacket hanging in the corner here, I won’t really mind too much. 

It’s a lot to think about, though, because these are pieces of my life–the shawl I got in Spain, the outdated globe (with the Soviet Union on it) that I used to spin and just imagine, the tiny sequin-and-styrofoam dance shoes my best friend made for me when we were ten, the Chinese good-luck charm from New York Chinatown. Things that would take up way too much space in my luggage because I don’t need these mementos, but I will miss having them around. I will miss having these dreams and memories there for me to look up, to see, and to remember, but I’ll be making new memories, and I’ll always have what’s in my mind–it just won’t be so readily available without these reminders, and I’ll miss that.