the german language

19 03 2009

I’ve been studying German, both because I am going to Germany next year, and because it’s my senior project (it’s the “practical experience” component, the research paper is about foreign language education reform). I have a book called “Learn German The Fast And Fun Way” that I’ve been using, and it’s completely ridiculous. The order in which things are taught doesn’t make much sense, and the only things I’m retaining are beyond useless. For example, I can say “The city is overrun with tourists” but the book has not yet addressed counting…so I have no idea how many tourists there are 😉 It feels kind of pointless and ridiculous, but I don’t have many better options for studying German, so I’m stuck with this book. And perhaps some podcasts. That might be a good idea. Because even though I will probably be able to survive next year without much German (as it’s an English-speaking school and a lot of Germans seem to speak at least a little English), I’m sure that the experience will be a lot better if I do speak German. And while I’ll take classes when I’m there, I’d still like to start out with at least a little basic knowledge. So, wish me luck with my German-learning endeavors!




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19 03 2009
Samira Hodges

Good luck! Sounds like you’ll have a great time! 🙂

26 03 2009

for some inspiration, and TONS of tips on teaching yourself a language, i strongly suggest checking out All Japanese All The Time. Ya, his site is about japanese, but most of his methods will work for any language at all. I’ve used the methods there to study chinese, and it helped me a lot. Now i’m starting on german with the same methods.

27 03 2009

When my husband was a boy studying German, he called random people in Germany just to practice. His mother was not pleased when the phone bill came….

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