17 03 2009

A teacher said today, when we were discussing my plans, that this is what I’ve been working towards. That what I’m doing, is following my dream. And I just suddenly realized, oh, yeah, she’s right. For some reason, it hadn’t occurred to me before that a love of travel, a desire to see the world, a fascination with other cultures, and an affinity for languages all kind of add up to this, to Jacobs. That this is the logical next step for me. I thought it was crazy, and, sure, maybe it is, if you’re someone else. But if you’re me? This just makes sense. Wow. It makes sense. It’s the right choice. And I’m excited.




3 responses

17 03 2009

*big huge smile for you*

19 03 2009

Loooove love love love this entry
🙂 🙂 🙂

20 03 2009
Ms. Hoekema

YEAH! Isn’t it a shock–that moment when you realize that what you have been dreaming about the working for is actually happening in your life? I have found it to be so but also found that just being grateful and taking life one day at a time helps such a moment happen more and more often.

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